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Our lives are so integrated now that you're likely to find all the latest news on avocado8, but for historical purposes, monthly archives of the ~ lori and al ~ blog are available.
Pregnancy Posts (via avocado8)
Track the heartburn and hemorrhoids (and other ups and downs) of our first and only pregnancy, starting at about 4 months in.
Our "Last Hurrah" Cruise
We wanted to take one last long vacation as just the two of us before our baby arrived at the end of 2004. Join us as we sail on the Norwegian Dawn to Florida and the Bahamas.
The Great Kitchen Remodel
Track the progress of our kitchen remodel, from scary cabinets and oversized fridge to Shaker simplicity meets Japanese spa. Or something like that.
Wedding Blog
It ends before the actual wedding (we never posted our notes about what we were doing during those final days of singledom, and there's a story involving the emergency purchase of olives that really ought to be told), but there are four months' worth of entries chronicling the stress peaks and disturbed sleep patterns of two people caught in the maw of the wedding-industrial complex.
Honeymoon Blog
For our honeymoon we went on a road trip from Arizona to Florida, and we took photos and wrote about our adventures along the way.
Seoul Soul
Photos from our trip to Seoul, South Korea in January 2003.

Where To Find Us

The Ice Hockey Escapades
Lori started this blog the day she bought $312 worth of hockey gear in June 2000, and she's been writing about hockey here ever since. Lori and Al met in the locker room after a pick-up game about a month later.
The avocado8 blog started out as Lori's place to talk about non-hockey stuff, and for a while after Lori and Al got married, it stayed specifically *Lori's* blog. (Subjects related to Lori and Al as a couple went into the blog that used to be hosted here at lori-and-al.com.) For at least the last three years, however, the blog has been as much about Lori and Al's shared journey as parents of the Beaner as it's been about the random bits floating around Lori's brain.
We love us some Flickr photosharing. Lori is avocadoh, and Al is choal. The first five photos at the top of this page are from Lori's photostream (they represent her most recent photos tagged with "philadelphia"), and the last three are the most recent from Al's photostream.
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