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Albert Sungsoo Cho

Al is Director of Engineering at the Open Source Application Foundation, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to developing open source software. He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1989, and an MS in Engineering (Product Design) from Stanford University in 1995. Al plays hockey with Lori in the Monday night corporate league—as well as in the Wednesday night intermediate league—at Ice Oasis.

Al is an avid golfer and an enthusiastic Red Sox fan who enjoys watching Charlie Rose and discussing politics and current events. He has two indoor cats, Elmo and Annie, and has gained a repuation among the outdoor cats in the neighborhood as "the guy who gives out food." He hopes to own and manage a golf course someday.


Lori & Al

Everybody has a story about how they met and fell in love; the short version of ours is that we met in July 2000 at Ice Oasis in Redwood City, where Al had been playing hockey for about a year and where Lori had been playing for less than a month.

The slightly longer version is that we started out attending beginner clinics and playing in pickup games together on Sunday nights, and then for the next five seasons or so—from about the same time we started dating—played on opposing teams in the Monday and Thursday night leagues. In March 2002 we finally started playing on the same team on Monday nights, and in May 2002 we got engaged (though the two events are probably unrelated).

We feel very lucky to have found each other, and though we figure it was just a matter of time given all that we have in common (including teenage years spent in Massachusetts, regular travel to Hawaii, and two sets of parents who live in the Baltimore/Washington area), a few specific acknowledgements are in order. We'd like to thank Helen for being the topic of our first conversation, thereby bringing us five degrees of separation closer than we otherwise would have been; Naval for advising Al to go against type; and Ice Oasis for having coed locker rooms. We could have done it without you, but it would have taken longer.


Lori Michelle Hylan

Lori is a software engineer at Macromedia, where she works on Dreamweaver, an authoring tool for professional web designers and developers. Lori received a BA in English from the University of Georgia in 1990, a surprising background for a software engineer (surprising to just about everyone except her dad, that is; she made a promise to him that she would eventually have a career in a computer-related field despite her desire for a liberal arts education). She plays hockey with Al in the Monday night league at Ice Oasis, and also travels to tournaments with her women's team, the San Jose Spitfire.

In addition to ice hockey, Lori's interests include travel; golf; black and white film and digital color photography; walking; and watching Law & Order. She hopes to run a bed & breakfast inn someday.