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We realize that most of our guests will be coming from far away to be with us on our wedding day, and your presence and support are the best gifts you could give us. Nothing else is necessary. Please don't feel you owe us a gift on top of having to buy plane tickets and make hotel reservations. We'll just be thrilled to see you.

We have registered for a few things that we expect to need for the homes that will be *ours* now, rather than "Al's house" and "Lori's house", and we've also registered our honeymoon road trip, in case anyone wants to contribute a round of golf or a night at a Motel 6 in Texas. We'll probably add a few more things as we think of them.

Crate and Barrel — cooking and home accent items.
Felicite.com — honeymoon-related activites (rounds of golf! fried oyster po'boys!) and a few miscellaneous household items.
Home Depot — so it turns out that Home Depot hasn't managed to connect all its stores into a single registry system yet, so we were unsuccessful in our attempt to register for paint, flooring, and power tools. Gift cards are welcome, however. :)