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We're planning a road trip for our honeymoon. Yes, we know, it sounds dangerous—but we figured we'd put the marriage to the test right off. If this trip doesn't end it, nothing will. :)

Seriously though, we knew we wanted a honeymoon that involved golf, and the idea of hitting the road with a minivan full of snacks really appealed to us. (We both love snacks in general, Al loves minivans, and Lori remembers fondly a childhood road trip to Florida in which she and her sister rode in the back of a (capped) pickup truck, armed with an intercom and a bag full of kid-friendly snacks.)

Tentative Honeymoon Schedule, Draft 4 ~ Designed to meet both Al's & Lori's priorities (A: spend time in Central Florida, drive a lot, golf at least twice, rest a couple days, relax, eat interesting foods; L: spend time relaxing at a spa resort, golf at least twice, see Santa Fe, see Texas, eat snacks, stop at funky diners & other food spots, take photographs).

Day/Date Agenda Spend Night In
-1 October 7 Clean up after wedding activities. Pack for trip. Play 7:30 hockey game. Mountain View, CA
0 Tue 8 Fly to Phoenix, rent minivan, drive to Carefree, check in at The Boulders. 12:50pm tee time. Scottsdale, AZ
1 Wed 9 Spa treatments at The Boulders. Hang out. Relax. Scottsdale, AZ
2 Thu 10 Check out, head for Santa Fe/Bernalillo. ?
3 Fri 11 Drive from wherever we stopped on to Bernalillo; call on way for tee time. Play golf at Santa Ana Golf Course in Bernalillo. Santa Fe, NM
4 Sat 12 Hang out in Santa Fe, spend extra night here or somewhere between Santa Fe and Dallas. Santa Fe, NM
5 Sun 13 Head for Dallas, get as far as we can. ?
6 Mon 14 Arrive Dallas. See Dealy Plaza Museum if possible. Visit Texas State Fair at night. Dallas, TX
7 Tue 15 Play golf and/or tour Dallas. See Stars play Oilers. Dallas, TX
8 Wed 16 Head for New Orleans, get as far as we can. ?
9 Thu 17 Arrive New Orleans. Eat fried oyster po'boys for lunch. Move on. ?
10 Fri 18 Head for Lakeland/Orlando area. Stop somewhere to sleep. ?
11 Sat 19 Keep car pointed toward Central Florida. Stop at sleepwalking bear motel. ;) ?
12 Sun 20 Arrive Lakeland. Lakeland, FL
13 Mon 21 Hang out in Lakeland/Orlando. Lakeland, FL
14 Tue 22 Fly back to SJC from MCO. Mountain View, CA